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James Wolfe



My passion for problem solving and willingness to learn has allowed me to complete certifications. Doing so will allow me to thrive in a professional work environment. I have also developed key technical skills completing projects that were motivated by my certifications.

AWS Cloud Practitioner

September 2020 - September 2023 Credential ID: 7BEZSG02PNEEQ83D

Linux Administration Boot-camp

March 29, 2022 - Present ude.my/UC-fcd5c324-ad8c-4b70-a83d-b9712cb3b0f8

Agile Scrum Fundamentals

April 30, 2022 - Present

Recent Projects

Project 1

Portfolio Development, 4 Ways

Launched and hosted 4 Static HTML Website Portfolios on the AWS Cloud, Azure, Surge, and Github Pages. Conducted the process utilizing Trello to keep track of progress, obtained respective HTML website templates through Github community and W3School templates, and edited and designed the templates using Atom. I developed key technical skills in the cloud and command line which has allowed me to further my knowledge in computer technology.

AWS | Azure | Surge | Github Pages


Project 2

Raspberry Pi Headless Media Center

I wanted to utilize my Linux skills obtained from completing the Linux Administration Boot-Camp certification, so I chose to start a project using a Raspberry Pi. Putting together a headless Spotify player was not easy, but allowed me to hone in on my passion for problem solving and Linux skills. I used a media program Volumio. An executable os was installed onto the Pi and the settings of the hub are maintained through an application.


About me

Computer Scientist

Passionate problem solving computer scienctist with 6+ years of computer technology expierence. I have a love of learning and developing skills that would allow me to shine in a professional workplace. Key skills such as, strong organizion, time-management, and detail oriented skills have allowed me to develop technical projects and certifications which are key for the technical industry. I gained these skills through a fast paced retail environment. If you believe I'd be a great fit for a position in your company I would love to chat with you.

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United States, Northern Virginia